A Brief History Of Weddings

December 06, 2012 Posted in Photographer Resources

Being that we edit more weddings in a single day than most photographers shoot in one year, we found this infographic on the history of weddings entertaining!

Some of our favorite notables:

  • The average amount spent on wedding photographers is $2735. How close/far is that to your average?
  • Average amount of weddings each day for the US: 7,000
  • One of the most expensive wedding gifts given was a stadium?!?!

There are loads of other fun trivia bits in there. Enjoy!

Via Visual.ly

 Over the course of history weddings have evolved quite a lot. The ceremony where two are united as one vary greatly between cultures, nations and religions, but most wedding ceremonies invoke an exchange of vows and gifts between the bride and the groom. Traditionally a couple exchanges wedding bands, but there have been some pretty extravagant gifts given. Moissanite takes a look at some of the most over-the-top gifts of all time and also examines how wedding traditions began and what they signify.

A Brief History of Weddings | Moissanite.com
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